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Succulent Tip of the Month:
Spring Cleaning - How to Re-pot Succulents

Now that the warm weather is on its way, our succulents will be waking up from their sleepy winter and starting to grow. Spring is the start of their prime growing season (well, most species anyway) and is the perfect time to give some attention to those sad looking succulent pots.

Should I Re-pot?

The decision to re-pot succulents should not be as daunting as you think. If it doesn't look as healthy as it once did, or it doesn't seem to be to actively growing, then it may be the time to re-pot. They will LOVE you for it. All that extra nutrition and aeration around their roots will get them on the right track to producing some amazing new foliage.

How to Re-pot your Succulents:

1. Remove any dead leaves and/or give your succulent a light pruning.

2. To get your succulent out of the pot - Tip it upside down, place your hand under the plant and tap the edge of the pot onto a hard surface until it simply pops out. Try not to pull it out, there is no need, it will come out after a few taps.

3. Give the roots a light pruning as well - this will encourage new root growth... Read More

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